How to Become a Dentist

All the Challenges You Face During Your Career

Becoming a dentist is not an easy challenge. The path to becoming one of these professionals is long and arduous. It takes years of schooling, hard work, and dedication to be able to take care of patients’ dental needs for the rest of their life. Also this Fishers Dentist will discuss all the challenges that you may face on your journey from student to professional dentist!

The first thing you’ll need to do is complete your undergraduate degree. Most dentists have a bachelor’s in some type of science which they will pursue up to four years. During that time you can expect many tests, papers, and projects as well as long hours studying for the MCATs or Dental Aptitude Test (DAT).

This Fishers Dentist

After completing school it’s necessary to find an accredited dental education program where you are able to take care of patients under supervision by trained professionals. You may think this seems simple enough but there are only about twenty-five programs available across America so finding one could be difficult! Once accepted into an educational facility there are still more challenges ahead including working with limited budgets, lack of modern equipment, and training on outdated technology.

Finally, after years of training and hard work you’ll be ready to take the boards. You’ll have to pass both day one – consisting of multiple choice questions on any topic imaginable – as well as day two which is a long twelve-hour exam where you are tested on all aspects of dentistry from basic science knowledge to patient care! Before being allowed to practice independently it’s necessary for dental professionals to receive their license so this board test must be passed first. Don’t worry though because there are many programs that help students prepare for these challenging exams by utilizing online resources like study guides or even taking classes at your local library!

Once you’ve completed all necessary steps in becoming a dentist then your career begins!